The bridge from doorbell to smartphone.

With mydoobe, we have created the most straightforward, fastest, and easiest way to make your existing doorbell smart without any changes to your system. And everything we do need - you already have!
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Upgrade your existing doorbell in two minutes.

Our approach: Keep it simple. We use audio recognition to teach our device the sound of your existing doorbell system. Make it quick: Ring twice and now mydoobe will now know your doorbell. Get notified on your smartphone and stop worrying about your doorbell!

Audio Recognition
  • mydoobe will understand and learn the sound of your doorbell

  • You train mydoobe by ringing twice
A new layer
  • Live everyday Life with a new layer of comfort and do what you love!

  • Keep your existing doorbell system

Home is busy.

But missing the doorbell is old-fashioned.

We at mydoobe know that home is busy. There are endless situations in which you can miss the doorbell. This led us to develop mydoobe - a simple and contemporary solution that works for everybody, no excuses!

Be notified anywhere, anytime!

Because smart is the smartest way.

No matter what you are doing at home, mydoobe has got your back. It is time stop making compromises and live smart. Focus on what matters to you and most importantly: Do what you love!

Play the song you like, finish that paper or take a sunbath in your garden. At home, living should be on your terms - nobody else’s!

How does mydoobe work?

Easy to Set-up. Immediate Benefits.

mydoobe is installed in under 2 minutes, and a problem is solved for good. You only need a power outlet near your doorbell, WiFi, and smartphone. After plugging mydoobe into the outlet, you are led through the onboarding process by mydoobe.

Easy Set-up

  • You need: WiFi, a free power outlet, and your phone

  • Ring your doorbell twice to train mydoobe

Privacy by device

  • Two separate chips - WiFi and Audio

  • Our servers can receive no audio data

  • Muted by a simple push


  • mydoobe is the only solution that seamlessly digitizes existing doorbells in under two minutes by leveraging audio recognition

  • Get the benefits of a smart doorbell, all while changing nothing

  • Keep your existing doorbell, as mydoobe is the bridge to your smartphone

  • No changes inside or outside the home

  • Simple, easy, and fast Set-up, no tools required

  • Be notified via WiFi or mobile network

  • We are just starting and can already hear many other sounds - love is in the air!

Our App

Your doorbell in your hands.

3 Modes

  • Choose between 3 distinctive notification modes

  • Toggle instantaneously, suiting your situation

  • Pop-up, Call or Background Protocol

Yes, it's really that simple.

The Team

We bring you mydoobe

Jan PleisCo-Founder and CEO
Hagen JaegerCo-Founder and CTO
Wladislaw MartalerFull-Stack App Developer
Jonas HülperHolistic Customer Journey Designer
Melanie RavelingFinance and Controlling

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